Idea for expanding the userbase

Here I’ll share my ideas for how byte could expand it’s userbase:

  • get more Android developers, I believe that the app only has one developer for Android and having more developers will definitely improve the stability and the design of the app on Android

  • Since you then have more developers for Android, and India is mostly Android based I’d definitely start advertising in India on Google since TikTok isn’t really a thing there anymore and the Indian market now needs a alternative, apps made in india are currently on the rise so I’d try to make byte look as non american as possible with stuff like a Hindi speaking byte Twitter account ect.

These are my ideas on how byte could expand to India better, if you have any different ideas just comment them (also, I’m not from india myself so this is purely based on what I think what’s happening in India)


Marketing 101

nice suggestions, however, i think TikTok will be available again in india once it’s bought by Microsoft. its better to have this going ASAP :stuck_out_tongue:


but Microsoft will only buy the American division of tiktok or …? India is constantly banning Chinese apps, this time the xiaomi browser and bigo were banned from India
outside india, most smartphones in latin america and other countries are android, so yes, i believe that android should have a special attention since for ios the development is more easy


Yeah I also think that ms will/would (I don’t think the deal is 100% guaranteed to happen) only buy the US subsidiary from TikTok