Idea for a basic byte editor

A lot of the best Vines were ones that had small subtle edits in them. I know that kinda goes against the point of Vine and by association byte, but considering things like beats and the new floating text feature, it’s clear that a goal with byte is to expand the possibilities for creating bytes from within the app itself. With that said, I think one relatively simple thing to include would be the ability to cut out and/or add video and audio clips. For example, let’s just say I wanna make a byte where I’m in the middle of talking, but I wanna cut to something else mid-sentence without cutting off my voice. For another example, let’s say I wanna convey that I’m saying something in my head by having an audio clip playing on a clip of my head (with my mouth being motionless). What I’m thinking is there could be a button solely for audio clips. You’d hold it down and record all the audio you need, and then the clip would be saved in the button (if that makes sense). And when you need the clip, you could just drag it into a video/audio timeline (that should hopefully make sense if you’ve ever used a video editing software). A way to do edits like those would be super helpful and save a lot of byters a lot of time (P.S. just to clarify, we’re calling people on byte “byters,” right?)


Not a bad idea.

Also, yeah, we’re Byters. We like to nibble.

Here are just a couple of examples of Vines I would wanna be able to do the edits for within the app:

Adding video over audio: (Skip to 4:10)

Adding audio over video:

sounds dope tbh! it’ll help creators who aren’t as advanced in editing yet. maybe even throw in a preview video as well before you use it.

cc @maukamauka


Basically a way to extract audio

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