Iconic V***s

reply with a vine that you personally think is legendary and changed your life.
hopefully this doesn’t get ignored lol

any vine that isn’t in a vine compilation

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What up I’m jared I’m ninteeen and I never fcking learned how to read

Hi welcome to chilis

WTF Richard?!

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Chris is that a weed? No it’s a cray- I’m calling 911

mary is that a police? i’m calling the weed 420 whatcha smoking


and anything by Cody Ko was legendary.

pulls out kermit

Shawty I don’t mind

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ive been thinkin’, ive been thinkin’, how you gonna talk shit when you look like a minion.

this couch is blue, my shoe is red, say one of those again and ima have to kick you in the head

Literally anything. Vines are iconic.

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