I wouldn't worry about Lasso

So I downloaded Lasso and checked it out. It’s pretty cringy already from what I’m seeing. It’s mostly just like dudes doing backflips and the comedy is pretty dumb. I think it’s geared to compete with Tik Tok, as a music-based app, and I don’t think it will interfere with Byte. If it does become a problem for Byte, it won’t be a huge one. I can’t see Lasso taking off tbh.


Yea another music base app, I’m ok I just wait for v2 lol


Yeah, just seems like Tik Tok’s lesser known rival. Think of it Like Google vs AOL at a very lesser scale… Some peeps don’t even know what AOL is!! But yeehaw Byte will be safe trust meh

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Nah man Byte will be the google, tik tok will be the bing, and lasso will be the aol


Exactly what I was thinking! Idk’nt how to express it without it sounding awkward in that text tho…