I wouldn’t mind a paid subscription

Not sure if this has been talked about at all but I was thinking about this at work today. Many apps now a days have a paid subscription which most of us don’t mind paying. The Byte team is relatively small, I think a OPTIONAL paid subscription wouldn’t be a bad move at all. Obviously we all love this app and most of us have stuck around since the beginning of its creation. Why not support the team, the app, and keep the office lights on. I’m sure investments have been made into the company and we’re all certain it will thrive and add a somewhat new form of content into the social media sphere. These are my proposed ideas.

  • $4.99 monthly subscription
  • New app icons and profile color schemes each month (exclusive to paid only)
  • A gold subscriber badge on profile (NOT A VERIFICATION BADGE) and maybe comments
  • As months go on a new rank is added to the badge like how club penguin used to be LOL
  • Access to beta after release, test new features (this one might be out of the question)
  • Maybe a few extra stars on your profile like how “Beta Tester” is granted
  • DOES NOT remove ads or push your Bytes higher up in the algorithm
  • The satisfaction of helping a wonderful team of people

I don’t know this is just my thinking I’m sure most people wouldn’t mind it. So let me know what you think!


People didn’t like the an optional feature recently so I too would like to know how they would feel about an optional subscription


The problem I see is that when you offer features and stars and other special perks for a price, it creates a divide between those who can and can’t pay the price. The creators who can pay get more advantage based on money, not creativity or merit. Also, those who have already dedicated at least two years to this project would be treated as second-class citizens compared to someone who just showed up recently and paid the fee.

I know Byte will eventually need to make money for it to succeed and avoid Vine’s fate, but I don’t like the optional subscription model. There have been lots of suggestions about monetization made here over the past two years that I think would be better, more equitable and more fair.


Hmm especially also paying for something but still see ads wouldn’t encourage them to go for the plan


Definitely an interesting idea nonetheless but I feel as if it is just not ethical. You’ll have people with butt loads of money buying this subscription which will create a huge socio-economic unbalance within the community. Thus will lead to a more toxic atmosphere. So I believe we will all be better off without subscriptions like this. Forgive me if I’m wrong, but I don’t even believe that the mainstream social media sites/apps like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter have paid subscriptions. I think the core value of a social media site/app is getting everyone from all different parts of the world, different cultures, genders, etc. to come together and create a strong community. When you start adding subscriptions, it kinda just separates the community instead of uniting it which goes against what social media stands for. We want a welcoming and stress free community that everyone of any economic class can enjoy. Once you start singling out parts of the community, no good will come out of it.


ugh i don’t even have a card yet cuz i’m not 18


i can see a lot of people selling/buying and hacking tbh ;/

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I like the idea but idk i feel somehow someones going to find a way to manipulate that. The app would be similar to :vine: in the since thats its just a quick browsing and scrolling so idk if there would be enough interest for people to pay for upgrades.


I think they should add paid subscription only if the perk would be no ads between videos.

And it should be a one time payment or yearly. Also, the price should be low so it’s affordable for other countries.


Probably no need for it honestly. I have a feeling this app will do pretty well and I’m assuming they will sign some sponsorship deals with various sources and bring in some money that way.


Not to bash your idea, but nobody wants to pay for something they can get for free on a competing app (Tiktok). Byte needs a strategy that would encourage creativity, usability, and the ability to monetize. Without the heavy use of ads or a “paid” version. That’s why I developed the 60-40 Merch method. This way creators can sell their brand easily through Byte, and in turn Byte will make a 60% profit. Byte can then offer sponsored bytes that will show up in the Explore feed. Byte needs to learn from the short comings of Vine and make its platform creator centric. Idk check out my post if you want.

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i think paying to hide ads or something might be fine, but that’d probably be about it. anything beyond that might start getting too chaotic :man_shrugging:


I’d pay to remove ads, I’m literally spending money on different social media’s & services just to rid me of commercials. Sometimes I find myself neglecting or forgetting I have access to certain things (like YT Music, been using it more as of recent) bc the main thing I care about is just no ads.


I don’t think TikTok has monetization neither does Instagram unless you’re large enough to get brand deals which isn’t really monetization. Twitch also doesn’t pay its users, all those Bits and Subs to streamers, the viewer has to pay out of pocket. I know they have some sort of ad system, it’s not perfect though & you have to run them (or you can set them to go off every something hour) & you make like pennies and it’s based of viewers in the chat and not everyone gets it; it’s very complicated.

YouTube is still the reigning king when it comes to proper monetization & it makes sense and just not complicated. 1 view = x amount of $ , non of this ad systems or having to work with brands. Honestly someone needs to knock them down a few pegs, I’m betting on IGTV keeps getting better day by day and IG has said monetization is coming.


what if we do what twitch does and we “sub” to the streamer, giving us special perks to enjoy ourselves in while byte and the creator get a 50/50 split

perks could be:

a special discord server
other things



@lime even tho their not prefect i still stand by youtube having the best monetization system. twitch isn’t that good, most of the stuff the viewer has to go in their own pocket to support the streamer. monetization just has to be done thru views and stuff like youtube

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I don’t loVe this idea :pleading_face::pleading_face::pleading_face: people enjoy endless creativity literally in their hands. with having to pay for features just takes away the fun, that is why many admired vine n shiz

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I would like that

I agree

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Would be cool to pay for a subscription if it:

  • Each subscription allows me to support a content creator
  • Get a logo that shows that you are supporting someone
  • You can optionally show who you are supporting
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