I will now confess my undying love for Jordan Fisher

It is here that I confess my undying love for the amazing, god-like person that is Jordan Fisher.
There are many-a-thing that I love about Jordan Fisher, and I will now list my top 3:

  1. I love how he is friends with Lin-Manuel Miranda:
    As an enthusiast of Hamilton, I am happy to say that Lin-Manuel Miranda is a person that I idolize a lot, so the fact that he is friends with Jordan Fisher is a bonus to what I already think about him.
  2. His overall vibe:
    Jordan Fisher’s overall vibe to me as a person is that he is joyful and happy and funny and creative. He is an actor, a singer and has been in one of my favorite musicals of all time so I deem him worthy of my love.
  3. He is beautiful:
    Jordan Fisher is the single, most attractive person I have ever seen in my entire life. His face is like a work of art that some higher power has bestowed upon us to observe. His eyes are the most pretty eyes I have ever seen and his wink ARGHHHHH his wink kills me. https://twitter.com/Jordan_Fisher/status/933214512341245953
    These are the reasons why I declare Jordan Fisher as the single most loveable creature on the planet.
    Someday we will meet and I will cry :cry:

I knew this was going to be here. I like Lin-Manuel Miranda too.

AHHH Lin-Manuel Miranda is so talented. I am helpless. Also, I will never be satisfied that Jordan Fisher has a girlfriend because ain’t nobody deserve him.