I will be famous on v2 mindset

Hi how are u guys acouple weeks ago I had a dream that I was top 10 biggest v2ers and I was getting recognized everywhere not being cocky nothing to even be cocky about but just saying if u haven’t heard of me u will help my dream come true and I hope that v2 has a featured tab we’re small creators can have a chance to make it to the top ^^^^


we can all help each other’s dreams come true


please only use the V2, as that name. nothing else. thank you


I agree bro :ok_hand:t2:


you just have to work hard and be consistent

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You just have to stay focused

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I believe in you :))

I freaking love your way of thinking. Like I see your not being arrogant your speaking it into existence, and that’s what your supposed to do. Keep on doing it, prove people wrong, I wanna see it happen, because I love your mindset.

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I like the mindset!

I agree. small content creators should have a chance at the top

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I don’t want to sound cocky either, but I really hope this will happen for a lot of us!

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Same here

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