I Went To 3 Movies In One Day: Reviews and Story

Alright, so Monday I decided to try to do something I havent done ever, which was see multiple movies in one day. I literally just thought “eh, why not?” And I looked up movie times. I put in the math for them, figuring out which movies ill be able to see, and narrowed it down to 3: Horror, Action, then Feel Good. The first was 1:40 for Us, and this is how my mission started.

Us - 65% A Slasher that wants to be a Comedy.

Now, Us was the second of Jordan Peele’s movies. The movie was… overhyped in my eyes. Don’t get me wrong, it was insanely good from the soundtracks, to the shots, to the acting which was Unbelieveable… but its a horror movie… right? I wasn’t really scared the whole time. I was more intrigued and found myself more chuckling then hiding myself. It was a good slasher, but didn’t really know how to balance comedy with slasher. It felt like it was trying to make you laugh after each horrific scene, which, if he was going for that, it worked. But it’s a HORROR MOVIE! Now, the plot twist? Eh. I saw it coming from the first shot in the mirror place. It’s quite simple to see if you are not paying attention. It tries to throw you off, but then throws you right back on which, I mean, you had me for a second, but then didnt. Slasher or thriller, this movie really works. Horror? Not really. This seemed like Jordan Peele’s introduction to The Twilight Zone that he is making. I was entertained though, just not blown away.

Alright, so, I had 25 minutes until my next movie. I went into the car, put my sweatshirt on, and at that moment, I felt… demotivated. I almost left, to be honest, but then I told myself to just try it out again. So, I did. I came back and went to the same lady who sold me the first ticket. When I handed her my gift card, I said “I’m gonna try to see three movies today, if you were wondering.” And she said “I was just about to ask you if you were doing a double!” She smiled which made me smile. I felt happy about going back now, and which movie would I see now? Captain Marvel.

Captain Marvel - 65% Thank God for Nick Fury.
There is a lot going around about this movie, being that men are just anti feminist assholes and thats why the movie got so much hate, being why they removed a rating system on rotten tomatoes, to it being an empowering movie for women all over. The first ever Marvel movie with the main lead being a woman, played by the lovely feminist herself, Brie Larson… oh god this movie was as if they threw in B list writers because all the good ones were writing End Game. Brie Larson? Shes okay. Not charming, but good enough. The story was also good enough and entertaining enough. Samuel L Jackson always steals the show for me. He’s a dedicated actor, and he MADE the movie. I feel like I wouldn’t have liked it at all without him. Action Scene’s were motion sickness on a platter, the twist was basic, didn’t see it coming, but nothing new. Overall, it was a normal superhero movie. It was nice to see though! Maybe some men were hating on it too hard, and, I’ll be honest, I’m not a fan of Brie Larson ‘wAs ThAt A PeRsOnAl AtTaCk’ personality , but she was good. Really wish though they could’ve made it way better though.

I left with 30 minutes to spare. I got McDonalds, and I was really feeling myself. I was really happy, I was having fun, and best of all, Holy Grail played on my radio. Big heck yeah. I walked back in a third time to get a ticket and the lady’s face lit up, like she was shocked. “Oh! Youre doing the triple! Most people can do the double, but not triple!” She proceeded to tell the man she was working with next to him “yes, triple!” I didnt know at that point if I was super cool, or super lame. Probably super lame. She gave me a ticket and said “have a wonderful evening” and It made me feel happy. I mean, I love movies, this is my getaway drug, but to see a worker actually happy to see me and give me a ticket like that made me feel way happier, which was perfect for the feel good movie I was going to see.

Missing Link - 80% Claymation Charm
Missing Link is one of those beautiful Claymation charms that was made by the same people who made Kubo. Hugh Jackman played the explorer Mr Frost, and he was great, as always. I really enjoyed this film. It made me feel good! The story was nice, it was beautiful, and the british sarcastic humor was on point. It was hilarious! I slapped my knee unironically to it! The villain is hilarious but threatening, and the sasquatch, Susan, is lovable. It was a fun adventure movie, and the action scenes they had were remarkable for claymation! They were funny, entertaining, and a lot of fun to watch. They had a beautiful message how mankind should evolve to be better and to keep moving forward and to stop being stubborn jerkheads, and I liked that they did NOT shove thay message down your throats. They showed it throughout the movie, but didn’t go back to say HEY THIS, GOOD. THAT? BAD! They just let it flow and only bring it up in the beginning and end. The only problem to me was the end where the big climax held on for slightly too long. Either way, I really did enjoy this movie. This was the best out of the bunch. I’m so glad claymation is back in style (:

And that was it. I saw 3 movies, and it was 9 oclock. My gift card ran out of cash, and I was finished for the day. It was a lot of fun though, and I enjoyed it. I really needed it too, and I wanted to share it all with you guys. Hopefully you can skim and read the reviews, or read all of this, either way, have an amazing day!!!



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HEY THIS, GOOD. THAT? BAD!: always hate when movies do that especially I feel like with movies in the USA. Read the the whole articles and found it quite funny to read. If you ever want to do a movie review together online I’d be willing to do it. Keep these coming.

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