I Was Playing League of Legends Today, and I Played with "Byte" LMAO

I saw that the guy’s name was “Byte” and his clan tag was “Byte,” so I spammed “DOM HOFMAN, IS THAT YOU?” in all chat for the majority of the game, until he finally replied with “Who the hell is Dom Hofman”

Needless to say, it wasn’t him, but just thought I should share, lmao. I let him know that his account was now named after the successor to Vine, and that he should be proud.


Ahahah, it seems to me that this is an inappropriate comparison because it seems to me that there are much fewer lol players than tik tok users and besides, lol players are people with excellent logic and planning skills. Also, most players are eSportsmans. Honestly, this is my dream. I always dreamed of becoming an eSportsman because I personally love games a lot and am ready to develop in them. I recently joined one cool team and they just have an awesome rating. I don’t even believe it, but the first tournament will be held soon and I will participate. All this is due to the fact that I acquired league boost and now I can play with top players …!

Epic gamer

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It’s stuff like this that makes me think you guys treat this phone app like a cult or something :joy:

it’s just a small community of people who love the app, there’s people like this about tiktok. and there was people like this on vine

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