I was in the Spotlight :D

Hey everyone. Just wanted to share my excitement of being in the “Spotlight”.
It was in the wee hours of the morning for me when @colinkiama commented on my video, “Spotlight! :partying_face:”.
I panicked and started scrolling through my phone and found a ReByte from Spotlight itself.

And yeah, that’s about it…lol
Thank you to everyone who helped me get my first “spotlight” moment on byte. :heart: :pray:
Here’s the video if you haven’t seen it

Please excuse my goofiness :hugs:


congrats dude! You deserve it for sure!!

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Dude way to go!!!

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TIL that there’s a spotlight account. :open_mouth:

Also, it’s always nice to see creators that I’ve interacted with end up on there. :grin:

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I got featured in the spotlight yesterday too! :))

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Thank you very much Jacob :hugs:

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Hey Nicole. Thank you. This is so exciting :hugs:

Hey @colinkiama . Yeah, I didn’t know too. I remember reading a post the other day about someone asking if they could be notified if they’ve made it to the spotlight. Well, apparently, yes, there is a notification (a rebyte by spotlight rather). But even if there wasn’t, I noticed you told some other byters that they were in the spotlight too. You’re the bearer of good news. Haha :laughing: :hugs:

@interspazia Hey buddy! Congratulations to you too. :partying_face: :hugs: