I wanted to see what it's like to create a topic

I honestly have nothing to say about the v2 app that’s on topic for this I really just wanted to see what it’s like to create a topic on the site. Layouts and formats and what not interest me a great deal. Hopefully this isn’t something weird to see in the Off Topic section. I’m sorry if it is :frowning:


not weird at all, thanks for getting used to your environment


I don’t think it is weird. I made one to get the badge :laughing:
And like @jennifer said, get used to your environment!

I made a poll on my topic and that was a good learning experience for me, you can check it out if you haven’t voted in a poll yet (polls are pretty neat)

Congratulations on your first topic post!

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Hahhaha, hi :full_moon_with_face::heart:


Welcome to the family :laughing: