I want to start a blog, what website should I use?

I know there are some great options out there but i want to know what websites are easy to get traffic to and also user friendly! I’m sure some of you might have insight into which is the best option? Let me know!

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What kind of blogs? If they are videoblogs I recommend Youtube but if you are going to write blogs it is better to make a website

I’m thinking more along the lines of a written blog! im torn between wordpress.com, tumblr, and blogger for the most part i think. there could be a new blogging site or app that im not aware of yet though

Cool, if you are going to write a blog I would recommend paying a domain and creating a website, it is the best way to grow your brand and content

Weebly and Blogspot are also good places :slight_smile: (probably less so for Weebly tho)

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Go with blogspot!

I’d recommend Medium. Check it out if you haven’t: medium.com

Tumblr is really bad for actual blogging tbh I’d use anything but that, maybe use tumblr as a promoting place for your actual blog site

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Thank you for all of the recommendations!! I ended up signing up for WordPress :sweat_smile: So far it seems good for the purposes of the blog!

I really like wordpress, so easy to use and loads of add-ons