I want to join a Byte groupchat!

If there’s any big groupchat out there, I’d like to join! If you are a little iffy about letting me on your groupchat, here’s why you should add me:
-i am OBSESSED with this app
-i have 105 followers (c’mon, it’s better than any of my other platforms)
-i have over 10 000 loops (i know, kinda cool right😎)

  • I’d love to talk with other creators
    -i’m nice i promise :slight_smile:
  • I’m just overall so happy with this app i can’t even describe it, it feels just so nice to post stuff :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Ummhh… so just… let me know if you’d want to add me…

Insta: iinaskogberg
Snapchat: iina_alexandra
Byte: iina


I think byte has groupchats across various platforms including Instagram, discord… you just gotta ask the right people to get in lol

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Thanks for the reply! Yeah, i have seen some. I just don’t know which ones have the most amount of people and which ones are still active, so i decided to just post this​:joy::joy:

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what you said reminded me of this meme :joy:


We got a discord set up! https://discord.gg/nvfKHNt come hang


I need someone to add me in a group – active one :stuck_out_tongue:


We have a discord for ladies and non-binary friends on byte! https://discord.gg/kqsjyJ


Perfect :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

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hey can you add me into that discord?

just click the link! you should be able to join

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Nice. Joined!

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