I want to emphasize the extreme importance right now to support each other's content!

The snowball effect, when something gets bigger an exponential rate, simply by the fact that it’s already big.

Countless people are going to be coming to this app right now, and almost all of them are going to have trouble getting any sort of recognition, unless they were famous before. In cases like this just having a few extra likes can boost one above everyone else in a dramatic manner.

We as the more established individuals on this app need to understand that we can take advantage of the fact that we can boost each other to not only rise above the tide. By virtue of doing such we will allow our channels to pop up more frequently into the recent feeds and categories. All this time we’ve spent together, let’s make it worth something!

But this is also not just some handy tip I’m recommending, I do think that if we are stuck in a situation where all these people from TT come here we could be completely overwhelmed by large creators completely re-establishing the old TT culture here.

We could be pushed down the tide like many of these new users.

It’s time to use all of this community building behind the scenes and networking to its greatest advantage right now.

The majority of people who are coming here are those who enjoy the more alternative less mainstream types of content, which I feel a lot of us already have to some degree.

Let’s start following each other If we haven’t already, let’s start liking each other’s videos more frequently, and let’s make sure that our content is given the best opportunity to shine during this opportunity.

If we can find ourselves utilizing this method to grow, that will also put our own creators in a situation where they have greater share of the overall culture and mindset surrounding this app. Our own content and people consuming it can shape perspectives and behaviors of these new people. That is what I want to hit home on. If you like the mentality that the creators on byte have created, then we need to make sure that they are given the best opportunity to grow and be a bigger representative for the app. Especially before some of the big big TT users come here.

Support each other to preserve the byte we have dedicated these past few months establishing. That way, when we are inevitably a smaller portion of the culture here we still have an influential presence.


I’m supporting everyone! I love seeing OGs out in the wild in the comments. I’m also spending a lot of time in Latest because supporting the newbies is also important. But yeah let’s support each other!


Latest is a total trip but I’m doing my best