I want grow and meet people! Use this to support each other!’

Hey guys!

My name is Jordan but I go by the name “JAK.” I want to use byte as a way to meet new people and get my content to as many people as possible!

Comment on this post, I want to support people the way I want to be supported.

My content consists of gaming stuff, primarily VR content at the moment. If you’re into games like Beat Saber or just enjoy funny videos in general then be sure to check me out!!

My byte is @forrealjak
My YouTube channel is “JAK”


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mine is relatable, comedy, sometimes dark humor @bevs

Mines @YoPo, good luck on the grind

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Hey, Jak! Welcome to the club! You can find me @Jaurshe

I haven’t posted gaming videos, but I enjoy seeing them!

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