I wanna say goodbye one last time

I joined the beta forums in early 2019 in the midst of depression and loneliness.

I was stuck feeling like no one cared about my life. That all my friends had gotten bored of me. But when I joined, i was shown that maybe I just needed new friends. I met so many new people in this community and i was happy to be included. I finally felt wanted in the world.

Even when I didn’t get into the beta the first 2 phases. I was still happy seeing the community not leave anyone out.

And as the months went by we had our ups and downs. And though I didn’t end up one of the big names on byte. I was happy work with and interact with many amazing creators.

And as we close for the last time I just want to say: to everyone, thank you. I love you all.

Here’s to a bright future with byte x clash leading the way.