I’ve never seen something so wrong

i just feel sickened and disgusted reading this and feel its appropriate to byte right now but all i’m saying is i’ve just came in with FACTS about a new topic with my byte so be prepared x


I can’t change your mind because this is the correct opinion


it really isn’t correct tho, frozen is better and i’ll stick by that forever

Oh OH I see ummm well tangled>frozen :flushed:

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Wait but tangled and frozen had a crossover on the 1st movie. You can see Rapunzel enter the castle👀


Bout to piss some people off… I’ve never seen Tangled and have no interest. But, despite never seeing it I know the correct answer is Brave.

Imma have to say Tangled is better than Frozen. This may have a little to do with age bias considering I was not the age demographic Frozen was targeted towards when it came out. I just don’t think Frozen has a solid plot and it feels a little undone.


I can’t choose between them, I love them both, but there is one aspect of Frozen that is objectively better than Tangled, facts, no other opinions allowed:

Rapunzel and Anna both grew up isolated from society, but Anna was better written as a socially deft person. Rapunzel adapts pretty quickly to social norms and seems to know some even if Mother Gothel wouldn’t have taught her anything.

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