I’ve missed out

First of all, I don’t know whether this should be in general discussion or off topic, but whatever.


I could’ve joined the byte forums and discord much earlier, but because I didn’t, I’ve missed out on a lot of experiences and relationships I could’ve formed

Why I think I’ve missed out
Ok, so a few weeks after I joined the forums (sometime during December) I was thinking about what I’ve missed out on since I wasn’t there earlier on in the production of byte/v2, and I realized it was a lot.

Although I’ve gotten to know many interesting, helpful, and friendly people on the forums, I can’t help to wonder what things would have been like if I had joined in July, April, or even in January when the forums were first made. I never got to see and experience what the forums were like when they were first created, I missed the first beta sign up, I missed the creation of the discord, and most importantly, I missed a lot of the community and the relationships that I could’ve made had I joined earlier.

The worst thing about all of this is that I could’ve joined earlier. Last summer I was thinking about how I had missed out a lot on vine. I knew people who used vine, and I usually looked at vine compilations before it closed, but I knew I had missed out on a lot of what vine truly had to offer. I was talking to a friend about how cool it would be if him and I could make another vine-type app, but I never searched to see if it actually existed. In November, when him and I were talking about it again, I decided that I would look it up, and sure enough, after just 1 minute of looking, I found the byte website which lead me here.

I know it’s not anything to really be down about, but even until now, I’m a little disappointed that I never looked into this before. Ever since I joined, I’ve tried to be as active as I could, but I can never get back those memories, experiences, and relationships that I would’ve had I looked into it earlier. I know this was a random rant (Ik it’s not a rant but I can’t think of the word for it) but I figured I’d share my feelings about it all with you guys.


sorry you missed out! don’t dread on the past, we still have plenty of memories to make! there will always be new opportunities on the forums, and on the app for you to emerge yourself in this beautiful community. we’re happy to have you.

i think off-topic fits best :slight_smile:


Thanks and yeah even though I might have missed out on some things, I’m still looking foward to helping out and staying engaged with everyone from this point on.


Don’t worry you’re still SO early, especially since the app hasn’t even come out yet! Just think of the thousands of people who will only know about byte in spring once it hits the app store. You’re still ahead of the curve. :smile:


Yeah, you’re right! I am really glad I caught it in time for the beta signups and before release.


i felt like that when i joined in April, i was genuinely upset that i didn’t join sooner, i can relate to that, but what matters is, you’ll be able to be here for literally everything in the future of the byte forums/byte app! i have a feeling you’ll do great things on that app and these forums. to cheer up, here’s a picture of my sisters really cute pet corgi. 39390592_10216437308542525_7351858063600517120_n


Don’t worry man! I feel bad for only joining in like february if the forums and not Jan. While there’s a bit of a difference, you’re still a big part of this community and super valuable. So don’t fret!!! We’re here with you :facepunch:


Your sister has a pretty cute dog. I feel 101% better now :smile:


Thanks! It’s been good having all of you guys here to help catch me up to speed in the past 2 months!


Anytime man. Your a member of our famsquad


This is literally going to be the millions of people who are gonna download Byte and join the forums later. LOL I’ve had the pleasure of seeing friends become experts, experts become moderators, dom quit but try again, inside jokes become memes, the “dead forum” era, trolling on the discord, trolling on the forums, people posting their talents and videos and etc. These are memories I will cherish forever. BUT I’m MOST excited for the future. You’re ahead of the curb @AfroDynasty. Because the sad fact is millions will be using the app and most will be active in the forums after Spring.
At Least you got say you were here before it became “mainstream”. #hypeforbyte #noregrets #AllLove


Well said my friend, well said :ok_hand:


I’m “ late” too You’re all good!


Honestly, we completely understand how you feel! you’re a confident creator who doesn’t want to miss the boat again… All you have to think about is how lucky you are to have the opportunity to no information other people don’t know yet. You have done everything you possibly can, so now think positive and other opportunities to be involved in this app will hopefully arise. Everything in life happens for a reason this was the time you were meant to find out NOW not then… we wish all the best of luck and fortune for 2019!!! Good luck :slight_smile: future bytes this is your year :+1::facepunch:


You will do great I’m sure about it.

Think about it, you are actually early compared to all the other people that will join once the app is release soo good on you.

And remember better to start at one point than never to start.

All the best to all Byters this year and for the years to come .

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What matters is that today, you’re here with us.


I definitely felt this way when I was inactive through the summer & fall - but we’re here now!

Looking through the posts on this thread is making me so incredibly grateful to be a part of this project. This community really is an ever-growing family. love y’all.


As a guy from Toronto said, “started from the bottom now we’re here”

This is just the beginning.