I’ve Been Outta The Loop

Man a LOT has changed since I got logged outta the forums a few months back! So now v2 is called “byte”? That’s neato! I also heard it was postponed again for someone on the developement team passing away? (If that’s just a rumor then I apologize) Please Kindly update me on what’s going on with Dom and Byte these days!


Welcome back! Here’s what’s been going on:

The app was never going to be called v2 because of legal reasons, it was a placeholder name until Dom could decide on one, and he already owned the rights to ‘Byte’ so he repurposed it into v2’s new name.

There’s no official postponement announced, it was just implied because indeed, Colin Kroll sadly passed away and he was one of the co-founders of Vine, as well as a friend of Dom’s so you can infer why we think the app might be postponed just a bit further.

Otherwise, there isn’t much, however, we do have a discord server kindly made for us by @kaden, which I will be happy to provide the link for if you’re interested.

Happy to have you back :blush:


hiya Marsho. jay already said everything to actual perfection, so I don’t have much else to say. Welcome back!

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outta the “Loop” eh? ba-dum tss


Pun intended?


welcome back! :blush:

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for a full update on what’s up with Byte just check out this video. So far the most detailed (and only) one on the internet.


Can confirm flo is the only reputable news source


ayyyy <3


that triangle symbol near btye reminds me a little bit of google play. i’m super elated thooo !!

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Check out this thread I made to see how it has changed throughout the months!

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Just subsrcibe to Flo and he’ll keep you on the loop at all times


in my unbiased opinion I completely agree <3

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Thanks so much ma’am!! And I’d be happy to join the Discord yeah!!

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Wonderful to hear that, here’s a temp link:

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hey the discord link expired, could someone send it again?


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Welcome back!!

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thanks so much :slight_smile:

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Welcome back homeslice. <3

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