I think you know where I’m going with this ❤️

Just want to reiterate about when September 15th does come around, the day that tiktok gets banned in the US

I understand and appreciate all your love and support for byte and the community, so when the day comes let’s greet them all with wide open arms :slight_smile::heart_eyes:

Edit: I wasn’t aware until now that an extension was put place, so yeah ima dum dum :woozy_face:

Edit 2: here’s an update on TT ban


i thought in mid august it got extended for another 90 days?


Let’s not forget what happened last time during the “No❤️ppening”


Meaning upto Sept 15th then yes, if not there was no other mentioning of another extension

TikTok won’t be banned on Sep 15th. The Sale deadline was extended till sometime in November. And even that deadline can be extended another 30 days into December.

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You’re right fuck me :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

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Yeah I’m not falling for it this would be the third time now


tik tok will stay and thats on putting money in peoples pockets


I want to get off of mr bone’s wild ride

tiktok is actually going downhill right now with the spreading of a harmful video, lots of people are taking breaks and they might come to byte


It’s close! Been prepping for this all week and I am getting this energy I have never felt in a long time again!

I don’t think they will come to byte but I do think that they will stay off TikTok for a few days and apparently it’s not even just that one video that’s going around there’s two more videos that are like that

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I don’t see trustworthy sources saying that it’s extended 90 days all the ones I see are just random articles

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This is why I’m very skeptical about things like this, you never what’s the truth or what is false

It is true but widely unknown tbh. I could see a version of this where a deal isn’t made by the 15th and people say he didn’t follow through with the ban, then bans it because of that

This is absolutely brilliant and I love you for it. Just so’s you know.

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