I think we need effects in byte

I believe we should be able to add texts in the byte to maybe make it simpler for content creators, or some on screen effects instead of using a third party as it takes away from the apps functionality to rely on something else


Definitely agree with this it feels like somethings missing without any editing or text features


@Naussicax To be fair the app just started up, I believe they could’ve maybe added a few things but don’t want to overcrowd it with effects like tik tok maybe. And would rather us decide in forums as such


A way to easily add text? Very good idea indeed. A selection of filters that you will painfully recognise on every second video you watch? Ehhh


@st0chast I think filters or like face effects would possibly be a mistake and overused but I don’t think we should have an add music option either because songs will be used horribly repetitive ruining the songs just like tik tok


But wouldn’t this just make byte start to turn to TikTok though? Because if you want these features TikTok are literally what makes TikTok


i agree with the implementation of text, but byte is mainly used for raw, unfiltered content.


this is what a lot of major news articles are saying. But I know for sure the the team has said things about implementing this stuff in the future, perhaps seasonally! I trust they have some unique stuff on the way


@Acadrien @annam Yeah we just need simple things in the app nothing too big that will make it like tik tok but as said unfiltered content made by the creators themselves


@jessfrombyte I hope it’s nothing too big, I perfectly agree with what @annam said “raw unfiltered content“is perfect just small addons


That’s where the community can play a role. If we specify what is that tool many of us want, and show that it adds to the uniqueness of the app, expands the creative potential of us, users, then I’m sure the devs will find a way to make it happen!

For example, something that is not just a button you push to get a standard result would be interactive face swapping. You pick a byte for that and then try your best to reproduce movements and facial expressions, or you fail for the greater comedy, but the point is; you get to interact, do stuff, and learn the hard/fun way that it won’t work on some bytes :blep:


One day, the effects will come. I just like how this has the nostalgic V*** feel, which didn’t have any effects for the longest time.




Possibly a feature they should add longer bytes, I hate to beat a dead horse but I’m pretty sure Vi** did so near the end of its career

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I agree. But we should not add music.


@xternal unfortunately I’d have to disagree there, as @annam made a great point “raw unfiltered content” I believe we should add music ourselves because it would make us a copy of tik tok @harrisonkam made a great point too


At the very least adding music or audio would be nice

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Yeah, that’s true.

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This is so true and I fully agree

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Vine never had filters or music or special effects, that didn’t hinder creativity, in fact, it increased creativity because you could do ANYTHING, not just what the app provides.

I know that in the world of Instagram, Snapchat and TikTok, filters and effects are “standard” but usually they just lead to making people’s videos look too similar, or people not really trying and relying on filters and effects.

Maybe Byte will eventually add these, but, there are lots of other features I’d rather have first, like ability to pause bytes, drafts, hands-free recording, the Teams feature discussed a year ago, etc.