I think we need account switching soon

I know that this is a common topic here but as we approach September 15th with no news of a TikTok buyer, byte needs to consider prioritizing this feature. on behalf of all social media managers, this would be extremely handy for brand accounts, which I think we can expect an influx of soon. even with limited login options right now, i reserved my startup’s name with my g suite email, so I don’t see anything that could be holding this feature back.

the byte team is still killing it with new features, and just wanted to throw this back out there.


Ye this topic has already been brought a up a few times.

They really don’t like you to make duplicate topics so instead you could just go to the topic here or another and bump this cause we do rlly need account switching. rn I use my iPad and phone for my shadowminer / personal byte account.