I think it would be better to be able to see all your videos on the grid view

I feel like there are odds that people that don’t understand the app might think there are only nine videos on your profile or that the video they liked got deleted because it’s not visible on the grid view. Also, some people might not want to scroll through a bunch of videos to find a specific one they liked.

I hope you are able to consider this. To the byte community, what do you think of this idea and what are your thoughts on the current grid view?

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seems like a good idea, but the size of the videos (in the grid) would get smaller the more you add videos and could be harder to choose from (by tapping) if they were too small.


In my opinion, grid view should be the default like Instagram and tiktok. I also think sounds and hashtags should default to grid.


And when you click on one video if you want you can keep scrolling just like ig

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I was thinking more that it’ll be the same size but you can scroll down the grid.

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on your home page?

like the post above said it would look like a insta and tik tok profile.

IG defaults are squares, but yea you can see more.

Defaulting a byte profile to grid could be helpful for searching, but idk :thinking:? I ofc dont have a reason for why it isnt, but i dont see a issue with the current view (and selecting grid)

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I would want a grid view cuz i recently have been uploading and hit my 10th video upload and i couldnt see my 1st vid it was a weird scary moment lol.

You can scroll in grid view


While we are on the topic though, I wish that grid view showed my loops on the thumbnail as I scrolled through

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