I think it should be okay to "copy" other bytes

now i don’t mean literally, but i remember on v*** when people would see a video, get inspired by it, make a similar video, and in the caption they would do something like “ib: @creator”, to indicate they were inspired by the original.
thinking back to it, considering all the copying going on on the internet in general nowadays, i think that was a brilliant idea. the original creator gets the credit, you make a funny video.

honestly, i just wanted to put this out there so if anyone sees it, they use this form of crediting other byters. i’ll definitely be doing it.


I agree and disagree with you @twoofspades. Allowing people to copy bytes would have some advantages, but would follow up with some disadvantages.


  • If you make an original byte and people are allowed to copy it, wouldn’t that make it unoriginal? If the copied bytes get more popular that might even make the community think the copied one is the original one.
  • Even if they add “inspo: @creator” some/most people probably won’t, which will lead to a lot of un-credited content being spread everywhere.


  • It might create a bigger and better bond between the community since people can look for inspiration

Adding to what @man said, you would have people who only copy their ideas from others, and we would be rewarding clout chasing instead or creativity, talent and passion.

It’s one thing to be inspired by something, and vine definitely had some trends. But it wasn’t a “copying” thing, the vines that were inspired by someone always had their own clever twist


yep! i always used ‘#ib’ on vine, as well as other’s using it


I just hope that byte, at its core, steers clear of the tiktok/musically feature of being able to reuse audio from other people’s posts. I honestly think that feature fast-tracked tiktok’s spiral into hundreds of dance meme posts and generally uncreative low-effort content.


I feel like as long as credit is given the #ib/inspiration tags are very important to a growing community ! it supports interaction so personally im all for it.


someone wrote “idea by jess” on a byte recently and I thought it was cool and didn’t have a problem with it. Meme culture in general is really just the continuous remixing of new ideas into old/existing formats and I think its important for this to happen on byte (as long as there is a culture of originality and crediting each other as much as possible!)


Some people want completely original ideas, some people won’t care. Personally, I would love if a million people ripped off my ideas as long as they credited me. Free publicity, dude!


There was a creator on Vine, Kopke613, whose stuff just spoke directly to me. I could never get him to respond to permission asks and the thought of just doing it and crediting just made me feel icky. There’s one in particular that I am perfectly positioned to build a collab for, but it still makes me feel icky; even though he’s pretty much left social media and content creation utterly behind. It’s like when Vine died, he died with it.

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