I think I need 1 more second

Byte - creativity first
A new looping 8 second video platform


6.5 second is good enough tbh. I wanted 8 seconds since a byte has something to do with 8 but I have kinda gotten used to 6 seconds actually.


I still think 8 seconds would be best. The name pun + a tiny little bit more time.


This topic has been brought up so many times… Some people support it and some don’t …I’ve always supported the idea of extending bytes at least 2-3 seconds, but the Byte team seems like they don’t want to…I really wish that they would consider…Ppls argument against extending the time is usually about the unique quality of Byte being 6.5 seconds and if it was taken away it wouldn’t be Byte anymore. I disagree. One of the best (most unique) features that I’ve seen on this platform is Byte’s seamless loops…I have never used a social media platform that had such amazing seamless loops like there are on Byte (and formerly Vine).

This is a new platform, this is not Vine…Vine ran with 6.5 seconds, but that doesn’t mean that Byte has to. I could be wrong, but even extending the time limit to 8-10 seconds would be unique to platforms that are more public (IG, YouTube, Facebook, etc.). I honestly feel that extending the time could really open more avenues to creativity that just can’t be reached in 6.5 seconds. I’m also more than certain that the Byte team (as well as our community) can come up with many ideas to make the app unique.

This is by far my favorite social media platform. Also keep in mind, that if the time were increased (to 8-10 seconds for example) it doesn’t mean that you have to use it. It just makes it available just incase you need the extra 2-3 seconds. I truly (and I know that most, if not all of us in this community) want this social media platform to be a success, so I always try to bring up new ideas whenever I think of them just to think of ways to bring as much success as I possibly can to this platform. I’m thankful that Dom and the team listen to what the community has to say when making some of their decisions. Obviously the final decision is in their hands since it’s their platform, but I’m glad that at least they are open to ideas from the community that they sometimes end up using. :blush: :pray: :pray:


I think this every time I edit a video, but extending the time would ruin the challenge and fun of the cut.


i like the 6.5 seconds





This topic has been discussed ad nauseam since the day this forum opened.

If they made bytes 8 seconds, then people would start asking for bytes to be 10 seconds, then 15 seconds. I have to admit that 8 seconds would have been interesting because bytes are composed of 8 bits as some people have mentioned.

But there are lots of other apps that let you create videos of varying lengths. Byte (like Vine) is unique in that all videos are always 6 second loops and always will be 6 seconds. There have been many times I wish I could add 1 or 2 more seconds onto a video, but, the 6-second limitation forces you to be creative and succinct.


I think occasionally we all want more-- because we have an 8 second idea that won’t fit into 6.5. However, if we had 8 seconds, we would have a bunch of 10 second ideas. To me, the parameters are part of the fun.


There are some ideas of mine that I’m finding are much longer than 6.5 seconds, so it comes down to me either seeing if I can capture the same feel with the video sped up, or I just ditch it when I realize it won’t work. As much as more time would be great, I agree that it would result in people asking for more, plus it pushes my thinking (both creative and analytical) to the max. :grin:


I am personally good with 6.5 seconds.


I agree. However the team should ban any requests to make the videos longer than 8 seconds because there isn’t much of a case for making them longer than that tbh


That’s why I think accommodating 10 seconds would be good for everyone. We can’t really ask for much more than 10 seconds because then we’d start heading into Tik Tok territory (which I’m sure no one wants). Ppl keep saying that if we got more time then we’d keep asking for more, but like I said, obviously a line has to be drawn so we won’t be just like Tik Tok. Even if the team doesn’t want to extend to 10 seconds, I think at least 8 seconds would be good. Some things don’t loop as good if they are sped up to fit the 6.5 second time constraint. I’ve had ideas that I have tried to speed up to fit in the 6.5 second timeframe and it just doesn’t have the same effect and I’m sure others have had similar issues. Like I said in my earlier post, extending the time increases the possibilities for what can be created. There is only so much you can fit in 6.5 seconds regardless of how creative you are, but I feel like extending to at least 8 seconds could really open the door for many creators.


Sometimes I really feel this way lol.


Extend it to 8 seconds, only for the sake of the pun

(and for the name BYTE to make sense at all)

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Sometimes i feel 6.5 seconds creates no room for a ‘build up’? so i never really laugh out loud because i wasn’t really anticipating / waiting for a punchline it more just came all at once and it evokes more of a reaction of ‘oh i get it, thats funny’ then laughing out loud.

not sure if this makes sense lol.


here’s some stuff to think about from @bobby

long story short, if videos needed to be longer, then they would be. they do not need to be, and therefore they are not.


I was going to suggest having a margin of error at some point, a second or a half second to just extend certain videos to the absolute max so there aren’t awkward cuts. I don’t know, I get it if Dom and the team don’t wanna do it but it might be something to reconsider.


Well, I mean, they already allow for an extra half a second past the typical 6 seconds. I know that I utilize that extra half a second in most of my videos. :man_shrugging:


It seems like most ppl think that we should go up to 8 seconds as the maximum. I’m perfectly ok with that…I’m just hoping that the Byte team will revisit this issue and consider giving us the extra time after reading this thread :blush: :upside_down_face: