I think I got the 16 seconds right this time

I have tested the 16 seconds for a couple of videos previously but I didn’t utilise those seconds efficiently and those videos could’ve been less in seconds and better.

This time I think I utilised the 16 seconds much better than before.

Here’s the byte I made today with -almost- 16 seconds.

I appreciate all the support and feedback :yellow_heart:


Clever vid, shorter version of this would be hard to do, it really needs the extra seconds. As far as critiquing goes, when you know it’s a good vid you know. I think you know it’s a solid vid. :sunglasses::+1:


I definitely agree. I’d say all of your pauses were intentional and effective. The ending didn’t try to hold the viewer’s attention for too long, it was almost like the perfect length.
I recall watching this before you made this forum post, and I watched all the way to the end, which is good for you because I can tend to be a hard critic of longer videos. However, yours was great. :grin:

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Thank you so much!
I really appreciate it bruh. Much love :yellow_heart:

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Thank you so much bro!
I sincerely appreciate your great feedback :yellow_heart:

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I watched the full vid as well (before seeing this forum post) and thought it was well timed :+1:t3:

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Thank you Verena!
Your feedback is so much appreciated :yellow_heart:

This was awesome! :rofl:

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Thank you bro! :yellow_heart: Much appreciated

I’m actually starting to like the 16-second feature and I think it gives (personally speaking) more room to make some bytes better (for my sketch style).

Like here’s another one I made today (14 seconds) and I think it’d have been difficult to pull it off without the added seconds.

What you guys think?
@electronicant78 @J.Key @verena @colinkiama

Love it hahah! So gooddd. If I had to give a critic, the only thing I’d say is the beginning part where the rapper was talking about how ToUgH he is could have been a little shorter because I already understand that’s what hes conveying after just the first couple things he says. Just my personal input! I still enjoyed as is (:


Yeah I thought of that too after I uploaded it and I guess two verses or 3 would’ve been enough.

Thank you so much for your support and feedback Verena :yellow_heart:

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