I think byte should be more public about some off the staff working on vine originally

(i’m sure there are legal issues to prevent this from really happening, as implied by some earlier posts on this forum i saw seeing if this has been posted before, but I still stand behind this post. plus be prepared for a bit of rambling, i am not a good writer)

I think they should try to be more public about it somehow. Some criticism of byte has been “ugh, only 18 seconds! or, ugh, this is such a copy of (other service)!” But, that’s how byte was originally built, a new home for short, looping videos from some of the team behind Vine. When byte publicly launched earlier in January, that’s how it was originally covered by news outlets. But now, with the whole controversy with TikTok these past few days, it’s turned byte into “the new TikTok” and not “the new Vine”.

I get it, Vine is behind us, but the name is kinda magical. Everyone has positive memories from Vine, so when you hear of something new from the people who made Vine, you instantly like it. I have real world experience here when HQ Trivia (the live game show/live entertainment app from the other two creators of Vine) was getting big. HQ had a really smart referral model where initially if you get a friend to signup, you’ll get an extra life to get back into a game if you’re eliminated. When I tried inviting friends they were skeptical. HQ was advertising giving out hundreds in 2017, to 5 thousand a day in 2018. Even when I signed up for HQ I thought it was a scam. When people found out that some of Vine’s creators were behind the app from press coverage, suddenly the friends I asked to signup did, and I kept the app. I’m still tuning into HQ everyday, mainly because it’s a design masterpiece, just like byte.

TLDR; byte wasn’t designed to be a TikTok replacement, and people would understand the design choices and stick with the app more if they were more vocal about the app’s origins.


very good points. it’s definitely not supposed to be anything remotely like tiktok.

to clear a few things tho, it’s 16 (or 16.5) secs and only dom was from the vine team


I wish we had the ability to make 6 second videos easier, like set the time for the video and it’ll stop recording once you’re over 6 seconds.


I think the main limit now is 16 seconds?

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