I strongly recommend people hang out in the latest tab and be extra involved and supportive

There will definitely be people who come to the app during the whole TikTok fiasco, and some of them may stay some may go. But if they find a responsive and warm community they may find that they like it here. It’s one thing to promote the app to get people here, it’s another to make sure those that do come here feel that there is opportunity to grow and a reason to continue posting and sticking around.


I would also like to add, push back against the hate and stigma that people got when the app first released when they uploaded a video from TikTok. There is really no need for it, especially this time. People should feel welcomed here, and that’s going to be very important! Welcome them to the community, and push back against those who won’t.


Also as a final note, you may find that there are a lot of good people who will come here that will be fun to continue to watch, if so give them a follow. We need to be supportive of other people joining into this community as much as possible, and you might find that there are some people you really want to follow in the process as well.