I started a #antiracistbooks hashtag on /books if anyone wants to join

I like the idea of pushing Byte to be more progressive and keeping a conversation going in the ways we can, and so I thought I could use the book channel as a way to push it.

If anyone had an anti-racist book they want to share, I welcome anyone to use the hashtag #Antiracistbooks. This can be essays, fiction, memoirs, comics…anything!


I love this idea. I should get my husband to join in if I can get him to stop being shy. He is a HUGE bibliophile and comic book nerd and has been tweeting about some of his favorites.

Just in case he doesn’t, everyone should read the graphic novel March. It’s about John Lewis and the civil rights fight in the 60’s.


I don’t mind progressive norms. But a lot of the crazy people take it too far and like to use movements to be violent.

Let’s take it slow no rush.

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People become violent when they no longer have any other options. It’s easy to say no rush when you aren’t being oppressed and murdered.

Sorry I agree with you My post came out wrong.
Just want the app to feel fun. Not stressful Like the news :pleading_face:

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That’s why categories are great!

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I feel once I have a platform I can speak about blm issues that I don’t even see talked about. Idk why people stopped talking about Reparations.

Sorry this was about books sorry if I got off topic.

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