I redesigned my main character...what do you think?

Hi everyone!

I recently made the decision to redesign my main character Lorelei. She’s the primary character that the agent89 byte page is centered around. I also released a four-part series documenting what happened concerning the redesign, you can check that out at my byte page @agent89.

Some of you guys might have noticed this and wondered why I redesigned her. To catch everybody else up, here’s my old profile picture with Lorelei’s original design:

And this is my new and current profile pic featuring the redesign:

As you can see, the major change came to her head and face (I also made the hands look better by increasing their polygon count if you can notice).

So there’s a couple of reasons why I redesigned Lorelei:

  1. Assumption of association. For those of you who weren’t able to figure it out, Lorelei was designed from the model of the Octoling species from the Splatoon video game series. I took the game model and gave her a customized, unique hairstyle that you can’t have in the actual games. That was my way of making her unique. However, her face and hair still showed that she was indeed an Octoling, and I could see that people could tell that. Unfortunately, we as humans tend to assume a lot of things, and I realized that I didn’t want to be assumed to be associated with a game that I no longer play because it gave me anxiety (I’m serious, it did :sweat_smile:).
  2. Legal reasons. As previously stated, Lorelei is based off of a model from a licensed video game. I don’t know how tight Nintendo’s legal policies are on their models, but I didn’t want to risk anything by using their original species for my own personal profit. Any copyright problem on byte would be devastating in its current state of infancy. (In addition, redesigning Lorelei probably makes me a little more eligible for the creator program.)

So I spent about two days working on the redesign. I essentially wanted to shift her away from being a video game character and towards a cartoon character while at the same time not having to recreate her from scratch (as that would probably take me weeks to do).
Then I created and released a four-part series (which you should watch on my channel, @agent89 :blush:) all about the redesign.
So far, I’ve seen a lot of positive reception to the redesign, but I wanted to ask you guys: what do you think? Do you think this was a good decision to redesign her? I want to hear your guys’s thoughts.

(P.S. In case I didn’t make it clear, I’m not returning to the old design, so even if you say it was a bad decision, I’m not going back :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: :sweat_smile:)


I like the detailing that you added :eyes::handshake: