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i have a question: since it won’t be called ‘vine/2’ but instead ‘v2’ will the people who are on ‘v2’ still be called ‘viners’ or will they be called ‘v2ers’? :face_with_monocle:


Hopefully this topic answers your question.

Don’t forget @rachtalks its possible to edit topics so you don’t have to create a new one. Just click the Pencil icon (edit this post). I think that’s the first part of discobot’s advanced user tutorial, too. So you can see how it works :grin:


V2 is a working title, the name is going to be changed before the release. ( I think. ) Theres a separate thread discussing name ideas here:



thanks !

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thank you !

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We call each others Artist, Dom already said it

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@rachtalks just a tip. if you accidentally post to the wrong category or make a mistake in the title, you can always change it by clicking the “pencil button” beside it

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people on v2 will be called “Artists”