I owe you an amends

Hi, how are you. It was revealed to me set my behavior on here in the past 24 to 48 hours at disappointed some people, and I can understand why. I posted a bunch of ridiculous go-fund-me’s on the go-fund-me Thread and while my intention was to be at best funny, at worst a mildly antagonistic goof — it came off as tone deaf. Especially given the current state of the forums. I don’t wanna be seen as somebody who is belittling causes that I myself believe it. I have used humor to cope with all sorts of unimaginably dark shit in my life, but I have to remember there’s not a little version of me living in everybody’s head that knows my intentions.

Being a dad, and having worked in education for 20 plus years, I never feel like my conversations with younger people, even if they are intense, are ‘arguments.’ They are just discussions as far as I’m concerned. I disagree with people I love all the time. And I’m not saying anything on here that I wouldn’t say to your face. However, A lot of nuance gets diminished over the Internet. So I will check myself, lest I wreck myself for now on.

At the end of the day, if I harmed you or you were upset with me I’m very sorry and would love to make it up to you.


idk what this is about but ily onkel


Absolutely nothing but love for you sir.


Making amends is a powerful salve! I also don’t know anything about the original case but I agree with the principle of self reflection and making amends when we step on the toes of others. So, well done!

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Thank you for apologizing and realizing what you did was wrong I want to apologize too because I went the wrong way about it and I could have been a lot nicer


Apology accepted :blush: you seem like you’re a very nice person and I believe your apology is coming from the heart. Hope you have a great rest of the day.


once again i really respect this, especially on a public forum. it wasn’t my apology to accept, so i just want to say thank you!!


I’ve certainly made my share of jokes that I realized after the fact weren’t good for that particular situation. Thanks for being an example of taking responsibility and apologizing. :slightly_smiling_face: