I new way to organize v***s so that new video maker's can be sean everyday

I think the problem with the the 1st vine is that, only the popular viners were groing, so when they all left, nobody was there. so vine died…


I think we should have a place where everybody could see new viners posting videos, so that we can boost there number of views and make them grow as well


some sort of on the rise section for smaller artists under a ceartian amount of followers


One idea that I’ve seen on Twitter (it was about YouTube but I thought it might work for v2 as well):

It would just be something to help smaller artists get an extra push


It was really difficult to find new creators on vine so I would love a way to discover new content and creators

I think this would fit better under Ideas & Features Requests. :slightly_smiling_face:


I totally agree V2 has to have a section on the app like a explore page (instagram) where it shows small creators with a small following but one of their videos blow up and goes on the explore page for small creators

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The problem now is that on instagram, facebook,youtube, it is very difficult to start, but easy to grow when you have a lot of subscribers.
And i think vine should do it differently. A way for people to start and get an audience. And stop showing to much all the bigest viners

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Like this, the platform will always stay active
And not crash le the first one

@dom please view this ! This coule be a game changer idea !

I’d love to be Sean everyday. But I’m still just me.

(Typos asside, a more balanced platform is desperately needed nowadays. YouTube was that in the beginning, but it’s obviously lost that aspect. A more even playing feild that doesn’t support snowballing would be really nice.)

Yes but every star, at their start, are always just them