I need YouTube tips

I haven’t started a channel yet, but I have everything set up including art, thumbnails, and designs. I’m wondering if anyone has tips for a starting channel. I’m hoping to take clips of my videos to turn into vines, as well as bloopers and outtakes to be turned into vines as well.


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Your fingers gotta be hurting by now

ctrl+c, ctrl+v


I honestly think that if you check out the one topic thats about growing a vine account, it may help with youtube. The advice really works for a lot of social media. If I can find it Ill post it down.

Edit: I found it :joy:

And as I always say, main goal should be stay true to yourself :slight_smile: and make sure your interactive :slight_smile:

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Thanks :grin: Just didn’t want to put it there since it’s not as relevant and important :sweat_smile:

gotcha, no worries.

Ah makes sense

Try to find people with youtube as social media from threads, befriend them and ask for tips! :blush:

As a viewer, its your content that matters. I rather watch someone funny with a low following than another stale blogger with a higher viewership. Also sharing your account wouldn’t hurt.


Thanks for your input. I’d do the same except exposure would be low and it’d be hard to find accounts like that.

I don’t want to share my account yet since I don’t have any videos up, but I’ll be sure to once I have it up and running :grin:

Thanks for your reply, I will definitely take that into account. I wasn’t thinking of duplicating content, but something along the lines of “bonus content” being a portion of my v2 creations. :grin:


Just do it. I have a YouTube channel but never posted anything yet. Today I shot my first video and I’m editing it now. It’s not very good, but that’s the fun in it. Just start now and get better as you go. Take a look back at your favorite YouTubers first videos, they aren’t as good as their videos are today.


I have 15K subscribers and that’s not a lot but I have worked hard for it. And the way I got them is by 1) being myself. Not everyone does that, a lot of people put on some act because they are scared to be themselves in a public forum. And 2) making all kinds of videos. The more different videos you make, the more different people will check out your channel.

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Honestly, just experiment with different kinds of content until you find what you like, what you’re good at, and what sets you apart from other channels. I started off as a gaming channel but now I make skits and I love making them! It’s gonna be a lot of trial and error and as I’ve seen quoted many times “It takes ten years to become an overnight success.” So just remember to have fun with it and put in hard work and eventually you’ll find your success.


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@wizard I’ve been doing youtube for a year now and I’m almost at 1,000 subscribers. It’s important to not get discouraged through the process. My tip to you is to start editing videos now and learn premiere pro or final cut. Even if you don’t upload them. It’s a huge learning curve but if you are willing to put in the work its SO worth it! It’s worth it because you get to engage with your audience and it can become a loving community. Good luck!


Be natural.
Collab (I got you https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCW-tw4mAgUjtD76DfB_kliA)
Don’t force comedy
Be active with your fans
Promote your channel


Thumbnails can be easily be made on picmonkey and the main key to youtube honestly is to stay consistent and have some original content, sure you can have a basic bandwagon video once in a while, but find your own style by exploring different categories until you find one where you feel the most creative and driven. Other tip I’ll give ya which is pretty lame but true… don’t do it for money because those people never last or they’ll get exposed for being bootyholes. Ight, hope that all made sense good luck.


Thanks for your reply. I make all my thumbnails myself, so that won’t be a problem. I’m not doing it for the money either, just because I enjoy it :grin: