I Need Youtube Channel Tips

Any tips for upcoming youtubers?

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Have a good name something that can roll of the tounge


have a consistent uploading schedule, try to stick to videos that fall under the same category, and most importantly have fun and be yourself!

it’s people’s personality that puts them apart from others.


I don’t watch a lot of channels but the good ones always have something special. You know it when you see it.

If you are someone who is engaging, that is an asset. If you have connections, that’s also an asset. If you’re able to provide useful information to viewers, that’s an asset.

Sometimes, a remix channel can work, if the content is snappy and valuable.

Also, be careful with music. Assume that nobody wants to hear your favourite songs. The videos should be about content, not fan signalling about how much you love this band or that songwriter.

I remember once clicking on a video of a Ferrari F355 going through a tunnel. I thought, oh, this should be awesome. But no - the idiot who uploaded the video overlaid some shitty music over the sound of the car. That completely ruined the video.

You don’t need expensive equipment if your content is good. But what you show has to be clear and comprehensible to the viewer. This girl has 1M+ subscribers and she uses a crappy VGA camera from like 2002:

Be yourself, don’t be a try-hard. Do multiple takes if you have to. Have some kind of discipline when cutting. You can get by with iMovie, which is very well featured.

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