I need to shut up, and I’m sorry

Alright alright alright.

Please just read entirely through.

I have obviously been a prick on here for the past two months or so, and it needs to stop. I admit, I don’t agree with most of the moderators and their actions. I think the cliquiness of their group can keep them narrow minded towards some topics posted here. BUT, that does not mean I should continue to post negative and sarcastic posts. It also does not mean I should have said some of the things I have said to some of the moderators. I know during my brief period of terror on these forums I have created a bias towards myself, which hasn’t helped or improved the community or my standing in it. The reason this negativity has come out of me, and others who agree with some of the things I’ve said about Byte, is because I care about Byte and its creators. I love this app, and want it to thrive. I was extremely lucky to be a partner and have that kind of involvement in this app, and I clearly have not shown my gratitude enough for that opportunity in recent weeks. I am thankful for the friendships from vine I have rekindled through Byte, and all the news one I have created on this platform. I get emotionally involved in things I spend so much time on (especially any job I’ve had, no matter how shitty it was) and it’s hard for me to control it at times. I am a pessimist at heart, so it’s easy for me to run wild with a negative or “glass half-empty” mindset if things seem to be going awry in an environment I rely on for work and/or leisure (Byte having been both for me). As the recent updates seem to cater more and more to the newer TT crowd, my security within the app, and community I am involved in, felt threatened. I felt like I was being push to the side and was no longer going to have a home. I don’t really feel at place with my content anywhere but here, and formerly on Vine.

The main point of this is, going forward I will try my hardest to no longer focus so much negative energy on what I believe to be Byte’s short comings. I will try to stop my sarcastic nature towards the app, Dom, Byte staff, and most importantly the moderators of this forum. I realize the amount of energy I have been putting into my negativity is stupid and childish. I still believe in many of the things I have said, but from now on I will focus my energy back into positivity for this app and everyone on it. I do want this app to succeed. For anyone who has followed me since the beginning, and on other social media, you know in the beginning I advertised this app as much as I possibly could. Unfortunately I couldn’t get too many people on it because I am not famous, and my friends are dicks, but I always try to mention it to people. The amount of times in the past 6 months I’ve heard someone say “vine died and now I have to watch Tik Tok even though I hate it” and I tried to steer them to Byte is insane.

I do truly love this app. And again, even though I have already made up plenty of people’s minds about me, I do apologize for my recent behavior. I hope going forward I can prove again to be a valid community member, and not someone who influences and increases a divide when there doesn’t need to be one.

Thank you for taking the time to read my rambling,



I personally found your approach to the forums refreshing :man_shrugging:


You are my favorite. I will always love you.


I hope you continue to bring up the issues that matter, but I’m glad you’ve realized that the mean sarcasm and factionalism wasn’t necessary or productive.
Yay for personal and community growth!


big love, Ginger


We love you Ginger


I agree with @bleach_dispenser. You say what others have been thinking, way they’re thinking it sometimes and I think that’s necessary. It’s important to see emotions sometimes! Even if that emotion is anger.


I appreciate both of your guys’ support @ZacMcMillan @bleach_dispenser , but it’s getting to a point that I’m jumping on every little detail, in such a negative and sarcastic manner, that’s it’s really not even impactful at all. Knowing myself, if I continue this behavior I will just completely ruin Byte for me, and I don’t want to do that. I also don’t want to increase or create a divide in the community either. I want this app to succeed, I always have. The moderators’ jobs aren’t easy, so I need to stop belittling and judging their positions and decisions. They aren’t paid, they’re just volunteers who also love the app and found a way to be more involved with it and help it out. I need to respect the atmosphere they have created for the forums. That first big post, I think was good. But smaller posts with just nonsense spewing out of my mouth need to come to a halt. I also was afraid of me being phased out of this app (which I know will happen one day or another, I can’t keep up with the real stars out there) but by carrying this negative persona I am just phasing myself out without any help. I need to get back to focusing on why I love this app and why I have so much fun on it. And worry less about the little things.


Hey, Ginger friend.

I’m glad you care. I’m also glad you’re looking to ensure that your caring doesn’t accidentally hurt those around you, or yourself.

I agree that we do need to call out and be honest with one another and the app to improve. I’ve also been sad and disappointed that often folks trying to communicate that have ended up speaking to folks who also care in anger. (To be clear, this is not a specific attack at how you’ve handled yourself any more than it is an attack as how I’ve handled myself at times)

I know you want the best for this community. Even when I didn’t agree with your method, it was clear you genuinely cared.

Let’s work together to make sure your voice and presences on this app isn’t lost.


That’s a good thought. I realize for myself in life, the more negative I am, the more angry and dissatisfied I get, so that’s good.

And in terms of getting phased out, the thing that is good with Byte is it’s much easier for people that are into what you do to find you, so as long as your goal is to make stuff for those people, doing what you think is quality, you’ll never really get phased out.


Your care for the app and the community has come through even in your darker moods. But I’m glad for your health and personal growth that you can recognize when your actions are actually harming yourself.

As someone who also tends to notice negatives first, I know that focusing on putting out positivity can take a lot of effort and be draining. Sending you warm thoughts and strength as you move forward!


we love you ginger

edit: i didn’t mean lobe


Ginger :heart_eyes: lobe :heart_eyes:




I get that, my dude. I stan you.


I will never forgive you for this post


Why are you all encouraging this?


I personally appreciate people, especially creators, who are honest and real about themselves. Thank you for stepping out and making amends, Ginger.

I can tend to be a pessimist at times too. I can also be resistant to change. I now better understand your initial frustration with the new TikTok-like changes and the whole mooptopia thing. It felt like all the OGs were being left out, especially you, who literally got paid to make videos for four months and pretty much became the envy of everybody who didn’t get chosen. It just didn’t seem right, and I apologize for not making a greater effort to understand you.

I recall back when I changed my username for the first time. I don’t remember whose video we commented about it on but I do recall one thing: you called me your friend. Looking back on it now, that meant the world to me and despite our past differences, I don’t want to lose that friendship.

So again, thank you for being honest, I’m sorry for what I said and for not seeking to understand you. I hope we can work together to fight any negativity that may show up from here on (and from the looks of things we may be getting a bunch of it :eyes: but then again that’s just my pessimistic side) :blush:


Don’t worry @J.Key even though that spell I still loved and valued your content. Thank you for your response, and keep up the awesome stuff my friend :heart:


i don’t know anything about this but i love you

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