I need to know more about v2!

If Dom suddenly made an announcement saying that he has raised the funds required to fund V2, how long would it take him to finish developing it???

Thanks Fam :vampire:

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Probably a couple of months idk


Thats the thing that confuses me dude, how have so many “knock off apps” come up in such a small amount of time with a lot less funding Dom has (I’m assuming). And the truth is the project is slowly dying. When Dom made his original announcement back in December the internet melted. Now all the hype seems to have disappeared except on these forums. I really wouldn’t want that to happen again with all due respect to Dom.


Dom has high standards, plus hosting tons of videos all at once is expensive! The hype the announcement caused would have made the servers flood with terabytes and terabytes of content in a short period of time. That’s what I think may have been the cause of the postponement, funding.


Yea I think your 100% right Dom does seem like a perfectionist.


Having a polished app is something that takes time, I’ve been working in a similar app since the beginning of 2017 as a hobby, and I made research on storage services and servers, video is probably the heaviest type of file to store, and the hardest to transfer fast from the server to a client device.


He said that codes for things are done in the post he made… it’s just money and legal issues I think.


I guess a complete and actively functioning app is better than an incomplete one that keeps on crashing. Even if it takes time


I would normally agree with you BUT, its simply been too long. I genuinely don’t see the project being successful if it doesn’t come out in the next 12 months. The community and fans have been soon patient and just want something, anything will do. I guess my point is you would rather half a bottle of water very day for a month rather than no water for 3 months. (Bad analogy but I think you get my point lol)

Even if he does have the money, he will need to tackle legal issues.

I have to disagree! If he were to release an incomplete project full of bugs and legal issues, many would have an issue with that. There are already rushed projects out there, there is no sense in become just another one of those.

Quality vs Quantity.

Feeding into instant gratification does no one any favors. Many communities wait very long for projects to be released. Years even! Me, personally, I’ve been waiting for Avatar 2 to come out since 2009.

It’s now 2018 and I still have 2 more years to wait. The movie was supposed to be out already but it was pushed back to 2020 and while I may have been disappointed about having to make sure I live for 2 more years now (LMAO), I know the finished product is going to be spectacular. The tech was great in 2009 but the tech here in 2018 mixed with James Cameron and his amazing team and the vision, holy shite, lmao

Well worth the wait! Quality vs Quantity

People always complain about waiting for things and how things won’t sell out because no one is going to wait that long, yet somehow, these exact things sell out when they are released.


YES. It’s not like no one’s gonna care when the app releases. The hype might die down a little while waiting, but there’s a good chance the hype will rise again once it’s out. I’m confident the final product will be amazing, so let’s just give Dom and his team the time they need, and eventually we’ll get what we want. :blush:


Thats true

I agree 100%

Avatar was an amazing movie

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