I need this account to be taken down πŸ™ƒ

Uh hi :wave:t3: so i have come across this account pretending to be me https://byte.co/@officialJAYSANDER.B they reposted almost all of my videos and cropped my real name out of them (this thing image ) i did email community@byte.co about it but I know they have allot of emails to go through but i was wondering who else i can contact or email so they can delete that account (this is my real acc https://byte.co/@jaysander.b )


black mirror

:eyes: you mean the show ?

Oooh happy anniversary

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Flag the videos as β€œstolen” and just see what happens from there. Are you sure this isn’t a friend or family member trying to prank you or anything? In the mean time while you wait for a response from the Byte team or for the flag to be reviewed, I’d ask around just to make sure that nobody you know is behind this account!


Thxx will do that