I need ideas for a date

Hey everyone!
So what are fun things to do on a date? I would like to know as I hate the cliche ideas of going to movies and stuff.
Any fun ones?
Drop a.comment?


A film festival that no one under the age of 50 will be at, I planned out a date like this before and it was really fun :slight_smile: have fun wherever you go!!!


go to a funfair, a cafe and just talk for hours, have a picnic in your garden?


Maybe go to an arcade or a concert? This is a bit cliche but its fun


Museums are cool, dinner is a bit cliche but food trucks kinda make it fresh, running around a Walmart / craft store / target, going to a clothing store and finding other outfits for the other person to try on, those are a couple of ideas!!

I would maybe recommend not going to a movie tbh, it just isn’t a social time. Unless you’re looking for a place where the lights are off :flushed::flushed:.


An outdoor concert, painting class, the beach


Mini golfing! That’s where I went on mine. Any sort of activity would be most ideal, maybe even bowling or ice skating.


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Going to the arcades would be fun :slight_smile:


Museums and galleries are awesome ideas. You’re always moving and there are always things to stimulate conversation. A lot of people think that dinner is ‘mature’ but I don’t think so. Not all couples, especially new ones, can naturally keep a flow of conversation.

Being at a dinner table is restricting. Going to a park is much better. Or exploring the suburbs.


A nice walk maybe? Bowling would be nice too :slight_smile:

Enjoy your date!!


Go to a funeral


The YouTube channel Brooklyn and Bailey made a cute video about this (even though it’s not summer yet.) :grinning: Here:


Cauliflower eating contest


well you’re under 21 as i deduced from your profile (you mentioned teenager), so my first suggestion is out of the question (it was a wine tasting class) unless you live in the uk or some european countries, etc.

i personally would love a trip to the arcade, but if you both do not like it, it’s not worth going to.

you could also try: coffee shop and small talk that leads into deeper convo with a walk in a park or around your city’s downtown area, unless it’s too cold.

here are a crapton more:


-go to a farmers market/festival

-go hiking


-go to the opening of a store

-photograph each other

-do a one day dance class


-go for a swim (some gyms with indoor pools give out day passes, just call ahead of time)

-go shopping (again, make sure the both of you enjoy it, because i for one, hate shopping)

-go to a bookstore and browse for hours (my ideal date tbh)

-go to an animal shelter and play with the animals (don’t focus on just the babies, the older ones are still babies at heart and still need love!!)

-buy ingredients from any shop/grocer and cook/bake something together. it makes for awesome bonding and great fun. especially flour fights.

-netflix and chill (not like that ya nasty, with loads of snacks and drinks. get nice and plump and watch a funny movie. it’s better to laugh than cry or be scared on a first date/couple dates in)

-go to karaoke

-go ice skating (it’s usually 10 dollars for a day pass and 7 dollars for skate rental per person in the us. relatively inexpensive. 24 dollars is p good. i’ve seen them cheaper in some places than others)

-interactive children’s museum! (i am well over 20, but i take my baby niece and we both have fun. make sure to dress warm (air conditioning is on full blast) bring hand sanitizer and baby wipes to wipe down the exhibits because nearly every time i go to one of those i come down with the stomach flu and chunder for weeks on end. always take precaution.)

-go to a chocolate/candy factory (make sure you know of your date’s allergies and dislikes beforehand as to avoid any awkward/dangerous situations!)

-go to any restaurant that makes food/dessert in front of you. they are so entertaining, and great for awkward silences because after the chef/patissier is done, you can talk about what they did and then move on from there. super conversation starters.

-go fruit picking (though that might be difficult if you’re underage/don’t drive/don’t live in ohio or something)

-donate blood (sorry, med student. can’t help it. but i’ve gone with someone to do it before and it was really nice!)

-volunteering at a soup kitchen! (this is one of my fave lowkey dates, you’re doing a good thing and bonding with the person)

-just go to a random place you stick a pin in on a map and have a helluva time. sometimes being random is a good thing (don’t tell that to 2007 me. she was too random for the world.)

good luck on your date! be safe, and have fun :blush:


what similar activities do you and your date enjoy doing? i think something interactive is always good, u don’t wanna be sitting there in silence in a movie theater.

are there any festivals or outdoor markets/concerts going on? or if you like hiking / walking somewhere? maybe cooking food together?


Invite them to the byte discord


For starters, say hi as a way to greet someone. Don’t start off by telling them that their voice is gay :eyes: sips tea

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Go to a haunted house, I did for my first date and it was amazing.

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Take tips

Okay potato chip

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