I need help with my editing!

Looks fine from this end, what happens when you upload the finished edit? How well does it upload to the app?

the app adds letterboxes. I post it as is cause… what else!

okay I’m going to check your profile, 1 sec

that just made me feel poor and dumb … the fact that I can only understand imovie is a big L :pensive:

Is the video actually being exported as 780x1280 30fps?

Couldn’t quite tell from the export settings. I could see that’s what you have your sequence settings at so that’s good there

well… NOW it is. I didnt know it mattered. there’s stoll letterboxes.

originally, it was at 15FPS

Framerate makes a huge difference in how watchable your video is. I should know, I fret about it all the time

More importantly, I found your problem. Your export settings were limited by your export format. Change your format from MPEG4 to h.264. Look at my settings here, see if it makes a difference for you.

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Of course if anyone looks at my settings here and goes UGH FILTHY AMATEUR then by all means, tell me where I went wrong so my own videos can be better


ohmygod… it worked!
IT HECKING WORKED!!! :open_mouth @Jeridiculous… IT HECKIGNG, HECKING WORKED!!! :open_mouth:

I am relieved :relieved:

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IF I ever win an award… I’M THANKING YOU, FIRST!!!

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I presumed that MPEG meant video.
I had no clue about the h.264.
does it matter if it’s h.264 blue-ray?

Honestly I am not entirely sure of the technical bit of it. There are so many formats and codecs and encodings I really wish they taught us that useful shit in school (I studied video production… and for what?)

I just know h.264 is the one that works for YouTube and literally everything else. I have never used anything else

well You are my hero! I’m going to remember you and I’m going to bed confident and anticipating the next days! again, a million “Thank You’s” just doesn’t do it justice.

Happy Byting!