I need help with my editing!

I…am…at…my… WITS!!!

my bytes keep having letterboxes in them!
I can’t get rid of them no matter what I do!

I changed the presets to the supposed byte frame size.
I’ve annoyed everyone on discord, how about here!

I figured out how to get rid of the top and bottom letter boxes… now the left and right are a problem… I can scale change to fit the size but now it’s like, too zoomed in whereas the left and right letterboxes are almost gone but still there… I feel so MOCKED!

everyone else can figure it out but not me? everyone must be a genius!



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you know its 1080x1920 or 720x1280


Resolution is 720x1280

What are you using to record? in-app Byte camera or are you recording something then importing it?


Just editing now dunno if this will help lools but yeah… Lace is right

Im recording it whether phone or camcorder and then importing it to Adobe Premiere Pro

is that Adobe premiere pro?

I also edit in Premiere Pro

Make sure you are recording in a vertical format and that the sequence you’re editing in is also vertical (720x1280). Also try to record in 30fps and export your finished project in 30fps as well

I really struggled with this when I started out

I still have letter boxes @Jeridiculous

take a screenshot of your export settings in Premiere, lemme see

Sometimes when I upload a Byte (and it has letterboxes), you can pinch the video (after it loads) to zoom in on the video. I’ve done that a bunch of times and it helps.

… okay so is anyone gonna explain what letterboxes are to me :eye::eye:

black bars on the top and bottom or sides

Basically when the video is a different aspect ratio than the screen itself (doesn’t fit)

I also film and edit on my phone, so I don’t normally have a problem.

And letterboxes are those black bars that appear on the side or the top of a video when the video is trying to fit the format of the viewing device (So think a of watching a movie at the theater and then watching it at home- those black bars are letterboxes)

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SO THATS WHAT THEY’RE CALLED DHSJSKKS i’ve just been calling them like black boxes-

Yeah so when I screenrecord my videos off of tiktok and post them to byte I get letterboxes. I just zoom in a little bit so they are gone :heart:

You have to screen record your TikToks? You can’t just… export them?

this is also what I see when I edit.

if you export them there is a watermark that says … tiktok

ah shitty

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