I need help on what I can do to improve

I’ve been on the forum for a little bit now and I love it. If you’s have time could yous please check out some of my bytes and see what I could improve on @masonashurst . Be as constructive and truthful as you can I won’t mind if you say it is terrible as long as I know and improve. Atm im wondering if adding music will help aswell. Anyways thanks a lot to anyone if they do help it is appreciated.


Hey! Some easy things you could do would be to try and crop your videos to fit the byte frame ratio or film them vertically if you plan on uploading them to byte. I think adding music, such as to the byte of you solving the rubik’s cube would be a good idea. And I liked your most recent byte idea, but a voice over would add to it. I use InShot which is a free video editing app and it allows you to add music, voiceovers, piece together clips of video, effects, etc. Hope this helps!


Thanks a lot I appreciate it a lot :ok_hand:t2: I will try the app out :+1:t2:


Do you have to buy features on inShot? I know a lot of the “free” apps tend to nickel and dime you to death, or it’s a limited time thing and then you have to subscribe.

From what I know I thinks it’s fully free :+1:t2:

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It’s free. You have the option to buy extra effects and stickers and stuff but the majority of everything is free. You just have to sit through a 5 second ad when you save a video so that’s not too bad.

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