I need a break I love you guys

I need a break to relax

I have been here for a year, exactly since 21 January 2020.

That was the day the byte was published and I am very happy to know that it has grown and that people have met each other creating great friendships.

I have felt lonely and a little sad because although I was a user since day 0 I have not grown much (followers) and instead the people who arrived just a month ago are famous and have more than 3000 followers.

I’m not saying that followers are everything or that my life depends on byte but all this has made me feel frustrated and with the feeling that no matter how hard I try I don’t do enough.

Today I decided to leave the app for a while until all these ideas come out of my head, I really don’t know until I come back, but when I do I’ll do it big time.

Thanks for reading to this point, I love you.

Thanks for everything.

Atte: thiago alabat


I’m pretty sure for those people who blew up in a week to 3000 followers, their followers are inactive now because they’ve gone back to tik tok


I’m sorry you felt that way :disappointed: and you‘re definitely not the only one who feels like that.
So taking a break is totally okay :slight_smile:!
Take care.


I totally get it. I’ve been around since March and it was a little demoralizing when you should see people celebrating like 800 followers and they had only been around like less than a week when after a long grind I still hasn’t gotten even 200.

Yes. Numbers aren’t all. I get that. But you can’t deny how good if feels when someone likes your video it gives you a follow. It’s super rewarding and as humans, most of us just like to feel appreciated.

Good luck on your break! Take some time to rest and shake off that mental exhaustion. :slight_smile:


I agree with you too and how inactive my followers are. It’s de motivates me when I don’t get many likes so I take a break and not post consistently you know. You do what you gotta do

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Yeah I’m not boosting up as quickly and my content isn’t getting out as much when I post something that people would genuinely like

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