I must be the ONLY one

…out here seeing so many posts to Hype where people are asking “am I the only one who is excited for V2?”

yes. you are the ONLY one. nobody else in these forums, the V2 forums, is excited for V2. we’re all here to mock the app and how silly it is. it’s such a silly idea. silly, silly, silly. anyone who thinks V2 will succeed and be a good followup to Vine is simply a silly goose. this forum is flooded with silly geese. the silly geese are the ONLY ONES excited for V2. i honk at you, silly geese. you and your silly goose noises.

(this whole post sounds really antagonistic, and i’m sorry. but if you’re in a group of people who are excited for the app, you’re OBVIOUSLY not the only one excited for it. guh-DOI. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:)

anyway, how’s everybody doin’ tonight


Damn putting down the truth


Yeah. It just bugs me that it’s a thing people say to an echo chamber or a community that already agrees with them. If you’re in a group of people in real life who are all very pessimistic about V2, and they’ve been talking about how it’s not going to be as good as the original or that it’s just trying to copy the original, then YES, it would be appropriate to ask something like that. “Am I the only one here excited for it?” would make sense to ask, because a few of the people in the group aren’t excited.


I like your sarcasm and your writing skills are great as well!


i’m peeing out of my eyes😭
thank you Emmett, that is so nice :heart:️ those things are like actually the only two sides to my personality that i care about :joy::heart:

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Hahahaha amazing


Powerfull stuff man :heart_eyes:

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i love the phrase “silly goose” and i leap at every chance i can use it

Put that on a Sweater and I’ll buy it

put that on a sweater and i’ll sell it

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