I missed the beta post by 5 minutes

I can’t believe that I open my phone and I miss signing up for the beta for five minutes! I was trying to log in to respond but I couldnt remember my user! AAAHHHH!!!

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Does anyone have a time machine that I can borrow?

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Aw I’m sorry you missed it :slightly_frowning_face:

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The sucky thing was that I was going to come on here last night and read some of the new posts but I ended up having like 8 hours of homework. I fell asleep at my desk and when I woke up I end up missing it

Sorry about this. There are discussions on Discord about who will be on the beta, it is set on a spreadsheet. Shall I link the chat?

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If anyone wants to give me an idea of how long they think the beta will last for I would love to know

I would so appreciate that!

We don’t know anything. A few experts have been working on the spreadsheet (shoutout to Kaden and Reid and the other experts for their hard work!) but Dom hasn’t given us intel. As for the link to the app, here’s a forum post with an introduction:


Thank you so much!

Even worse then that fam is having to make a new account cause you couldn’t get back into the other and having to deal with the fact you aren’t getting a beta version :joy::joy:


You’d have to be an active participant in order to get the beta. So the fact that your account may have been abandoned may not have got you a spot on the beta. It’s not a game of first come, first serve, it’s whether you cared about the app enough to stay on the forums.


That sucks sorry man

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That’s so unlucky dude :slightly_frowning_face:

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Yeah even if I got in, I rarely logged into my account when checking the site, so I probably wouldn’t have gotten the beta anyway

The previous comment was for @Kingtrivv. You haven’t done anything

ur lucky u even have a phone because i dont lmfaoooo

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If you have Andriod maybe one of us can send you an apk?

Yep I missed it too lol. Funny as I’m usually active but not on that day.

I missed it as well…o well

Another is coming up next month so there’s still a chance