I missed that 2nd signup because of my finals

I AM SO EXCITED FOR BYTE AND IM SO UPSET ILL NEVER BE IN THE BETA. :frowning: Finals were so rough I wasnt even on my phone. you guys are so lucky. anyone actually test it out yet?


Not out yet…but lucky for you there is another beta sign up coming up soon so make sure to check out the forums on a daily basis cus it takes just a second to log on :slight_smile:


yes!!! I am logging in every single day now. thank you!

I have 2 questions: what is a beta sign up, and how many forums are there available for byte or v2?

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  1. A beta signup is essentially what the name is a chance to signup to test byte early
  2. This is the only official forums for byte but there Is a discord I can give you an invite to if you’re interested

Yes I would love that! Thank you so much <3

That’s really cool! Do you know when the next beta sign up will be?


Beta sign up means signing up for the beta version of the upcoming byte app, essentially early access when it’s nearly complete, and there have been two signups so far. There may be some in the future so make sure to check in every once in a while or change your notif settings to get email notifications.

There is one forum for Byte (previously known as v2), which is this one, however, we all communicate over multiple platforms because we’ve made friends. There is one official discord server, which if you’re interested I could provide the link to. Otherwise, there are no other forums.

I hope that answered your questions :blush:


They said they will release another beta. So just be patient!

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