I miss Latest

I hadn’t had a lot of time for Byte lately due to having to make some unexpected and rapid career changes, so I was barely keeping up with the folks I follow. I finally had time to just scroll tonight and found out that Latest isn’t a thing anymore.

I figure it’s due to pushing My Mix as the team improves the algorithm. I would enjoy still having Latest as an option though. I loved getting a totally random sample of what was happening on Byte at any given time.


Yeah, not having latest sucks and is stupid. Many people like having the unfiltered, non-algorithm tainted stream of insanity. One of the dumber things byte does tbh.


Thank god! I thought I was the only one.

I really do miss the latest tab, I love supporting small creators so that everyone here can have a good chance at getting big on byte.



We can sort by new on each channel but it’s not the same… :pensive:


I really thought I was just stupid and Latest was hidden somewhere and I just couldn’t find it but it’s really gone now :pensive:
I miss it, I liked going through it and seeing random content.
Hopefully it will make a comeback…


/all anyone?
No one would be able to post to /all directly. Its spotlight would be the same as ** the** spotlight. And the sorry by new would be latest


I think that latest should have its own byte reel (similar to spotlight) or maybe follow the same concept like for the featured hashtags where people can scroll through random recently posted bytes as if it was its own channel


Like, I don’t mind algorithms for suggestions. But they’re just ok. I like making organic discoveries…which isn’t so easy anymore on the Internet Why does the internet have such a hard on for algorithms? They have their place, but we need the anarchy of stuff like ‘latest’ for balance.


we’re bringing it back. a technical issue is making it a bit tricky but it’ll be back. probably in a temporary place to start and then in a more specific place on the tab once we can update the app to support it


same with new today and the ‘suggest a channel’ button


Sweet! Thank you!

And thanks for letting us know!