I might just be monitoring convos and getting feedback (applied for community manager)

I am glad byte is looking for a community manager! :smile: I officially applied and hyped for this and really hope I get this because byte means a lot to me and I lovee talking which a lot of you who know me understand haha! :sweat_smile: Also good luck to everyone out there who does this too it does not hurt to try because you never know what life has to offer!

Also if I get this or anyone else I expect that a convo should start with “just here to monitor the convos and geet feedback” and expect that be memed on as part of the job! :joy:


It’s not just that but you should also mention how you are contributing to the app. You’ve done more than any of us have and organised some members of the community to be a part of your plan @dom if you see this consider what I’ve said and accept Jacob as community manager

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Thanks thats very kind and means a lot! :smile:

Good luck, dude! Who better to be a community manager then a legit great member of the community?

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