I may have been hacked. (Explanation)

Hi all, my first account got suspended for an unknown reason and I would like to get it back as I was considered a member on there and I supported a lot of creators. Recently, multiple people have been abusing the flag button because they were angry or upset at something I said at the time. I’m sorry if you feel that way, but please try and refrain from abusing the button. I hope this doesn’t become a ninja situation where the Byte forum believes in many people, I only duplicated a topic twice. Anyway, I hope this issue gets resolved soon as the suspension is very long…VERY.

Thank you. Goodnight.

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Unfortunately, this is something the forum moderator, Matt, has to look in to.


The flag was due to spam and constantly rebuking other forum members instead of adhering to the guidelines for posting. As long as it doesn’t happen again, things might clear up sooner than you expect. Just please try to understand what went wrong or prose some kind of reasonable explanation for what you think is right.


That’s fine.

I can’t really explain what happened, but I think it’s a case of people ganging up on me to get me banned. But I hope it won’t happen again

I’ve gotta sleep, I’ll see you soon.

Ok all I’m saying is as far as I know, no one else has gotten hit with the 1,000 year ban, so to say that we’re abusing the flag button is just wrong. The people on these forums don’t flag somebody for no reason. You are a first around here. And don’t say it was for “an unknown reason”. Others have clearly explained to you the reason.

Also, what does this title have to do with the topic?


just apologize you are just digging a grave man


stop this.

“ganging up to get you banned” is a poor excuse for obvious rule-breaking.

just follow the rules and you’ll be fine.


tbh i always wanted to know, what do you mean by “i need notifications” :thinking:


He believes he is entitled to the privileges of getting notifications when an important announcement comes. Everyone else checks the forums, so why should he have the special request of getting notified? No one is ganging up on him, he’s just playing the ‘poor-old-me’ act because he can’t handle the fact that everyone is scolding him for clearly breaking rules. SMH.


Ah that’s a no no magicalvlogger

Just stay active fam

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No I’m not saying the experts abused it, some other people did.

I wasant breaking the- it was only twice!!!
No one believes me

Get my account back from the 3018 year “suspension”

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That’s just rude - fix your mannerisms. Ahmed isn’t in charge of suspensions. Your countless attacks on other members and constant rule breaking is what’s led you to this situation.

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I didnt attack other members, they attacked me, do you know much Ive cried??? No, Just stay out of it now, stop overreacting…please…

Hey man. Just calm down a little. Its no one’s fault no one is trying to ban you. Its just that your ban happenes due the fact that your posts got flagged in a constant manner. Its was a bad timing thats all. No need to blame anyone. Its neither your fault nor anyone’s. Hope you understand.
Glad to have you on the forums . #uniteforbyte



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