I made a v*** crossword puzzle

My vine crossword puzzle.


This is the coolest thing ever

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i forgot like 2 :frowning: i forgot 5 and 24 maybe more i dunno actually 3**

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Five is “suh”

REALLY 12 char

Yes lol 13 char

I don’t know how I didn’t find this earlier, but now I definitely just printed this off and I’m doing it while i’m at work :joy: this is great

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omg this is cool

I think… 14. gratata & 24. harambe

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Ooooooh & 8 is Cena

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The only one I didn’t get was 5 :roll_eyes:
Also my boss walked in on me doing it, rolled his eyes at me, and walked out :skull:

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Dude this is like the coolest thing ever!